STAR helps seniors stay healthy and age in place by providing services and programs that make transportation available, accessible, predictable, convenient and affordable.



It's here! STAR's manual for older drivers, "Keep Moving!" is now online and available for agencies, seniors and their families to download and use.

The manual provides families and older drivers with tools for thinking about and assessing how to keep driving and whether it's time to find alternatives to driving.

STAR team member Andrea M. Sara recently completed an inventory of vehicles across the Lower Mainland that could be used for seniors transportation. You can read her report here.

We Are Specialists In Sustainable Transportation

STAR is a non-profit, charitable initiative, offering transportation planning services.

We work with and in support of community agencies.


We support seniors-serving agencies with transportation solutions for their clients.

We provide the tools, systems, knowledge, and leadership necessary for an effective

rides program, as well as technical support in service and operations planning.

We also provide a resource hub to create change through research, policy, and advocacy.


STAR will help communities lead the way in developing transportation solutions

grounded in community well-being, health, sustainability and inclusivity.



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