Driving Safely


Drivers make about 15 major decisions for each kilometre driven, most requiring almost immediate action. Older drivers must adapt their habits to accommodate the changes that occur with aging so they can continue to drive safely.

Once information is processed, the driver needs to react quickly. But testing shows that many older drivers take longer to perform motor activities. Weaker muscles, reduced flexibility and range of motion and conditions such as arthritis make it more difficult to:


This information is courtesy of the BCAA Road Safety Foundation.  You can find much more information on their website including how to improve your driving and how to check your driving performance.

Mature Driver Workshops  provided by the BCAA will help you to drive more safely or transition from driving when you decide it is time.


If you suspect you or someone you love suffers has impaired cognitive function either from medical conditions or medications,  consult DriveABLE BC.