Getting the Right Bike or Trike

Cycling, whether on two wheels or three, can be a marvelous means of transportation, exercise and recreation.  As with walking, if you are comfortable, and don’t push yourself too hard, you will be able to continue the activity indefinitely.


A properly fitting bike or trike will enable you to cycle in comfort and will help you avoid injuries.  Eric Moen, PT, CSCS, a Seattle-based “Elite Level” coach with the United States Cycling Federation has provided this advice on fitting a bike.

Source: Wellness Junction

Choosing a Tricycle

Choosing a tricycle that is a good match for you doesn’t have to be hard. Adult tricycles are getting more popular with seniors as well as people with handicaps or even balance problems. They have a “step through” design for easy mounting and dismounting.

Also, they are more stable than a bicycle so, if you are a bit hesitant about getting on a bike, you can still enjoy riding.

There are so many choices now that choosing a tricycle that works for you is a whole lot easier than ever. Just remember, the best deal is a tricycle that fits your needs, your body, and your budget.

And, other than the frame, they use the same standard components as a bike so, replacement parts are readily available, and repair is not an issue. The use of newer and lighter materials reduces the weight as well.

Actually, tricycles offer most of the pluses of a bike and few of the minuses.

You can ride as slow as you please and balance is not an issue. And your can put both feet on the ground, comfortably, when stopped. And, the upright riding position is easy on the back, butt, and hands.

Source: Bicycle Riding for Boomers

In Vancouver and online, adult tricycles can be bought at JV Bikes in Yaletown.

Sometimes you can also find them at Toys”R”Us, or used on craigslist.

Bicycle Riding for Boomers has a good selection of tricycles available online.

You could also check out Varna Bicycles and Tricycles, based on Gabriola Island.