There is no better way to stay active and going places than walking.  The more you walk now, the longer you will stay active and independent. Walking will also help you fight diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and joint problems.  It will help you lower your blood sugar, reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, improve bone density and keep you “regular”.  If you walk briskly, enough to raise your heart rate, the benefits are even greater.  If you are uncomfortable, slow down.  Remember, walking is free and you can do it anywhere!

Tips for Safe Walking

Source:  Peterborough Moves

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If you suffer from an injury that makes walking difficult you may wish to contact the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, an initiative of the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health.  They offer programs and conduct research that focuses on prevention, detection, and improved treatment of bone and joint diseases so that more people can enjoy the freedom that comes with mobility.