Developing A Ride Program

STAR offers knowledge and expertise of three types: alternative transportation solutions, social enterprise, and community development. It is a unique intersection, grounded in a commitment to community well-being, health, sustainability and inclusivity.


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Thinking about setting up a Ride Program?


Is your Agency considering a Ride Program? One factor that you may have to clarify is the level of demand or need for one in your region. It would be frustrating to design a program that was important to a very small number of people.


That’s where STAR comes in. We can complete a Needs Assessments of your catchment area, community, or region.
If the Needs Assessment shows that adequate transportation is not available for many seniors, STAR can then complete a Feasibility Analysis. It determines if a Ride Program will be suitable and successful over the long term.


Once the feasibility of a Ride Program has been established, STAR can work with the agency to create a Transportation Service Plan. It describes in detail a Ride Program suitable to your area’s needs, as well as the staffing, revenue and costs that the program will involve. This plan is a valuable tool to have in hand when approaching potential funders and sponsors.


Taken together, the Needs Assessment, Feasibility Analysis and Transportation Service Plan will enable your agency, with STAR’s support, to proceed confidently with the set up and launch of a Ride Program.


Is Your Better At Home Agency Thinking About A Ride Program?


Due to the feedback they receive from local residents, Better at Home agencies are well-informed about local transportation needs. STAR therefore offers a streamlined process to Better at Home agencies that are interested in setting up Ride Programs. We can efficiently deliver a Transportation Service Plan tailor-made to your Better at Home agency.



We recommend Better at Home agencies contact STAR as soon as they have signed their Better at Home contracts. This will ensure that their Ride Programs commence in a timely manner.


Thinking About Improving Your Ride Program?


Is your agency running a Ride Program that could use some improvement? Maybe you’re interested in expanding its reach, or developing an additional service option. Maybe you would like to operate it as a social enterprise. Whatever upgrade is under consideration, STAR can tailor its services to provide the support you require. We would love to hear from you – please do contact us.