Services We Provide

STAR works with seniors-serving and other community agencies that want to offer their clients an affordable, accessible and convenient Ride Program. STAR has on hand a full suite of services to support that effort.

We will assist your agency when it makes its first inquiry. We will conduct research to identify gaps in local transportation services. We will explore the feasibility of a Ride Program. We will assess a variety of delivery options for the service, and assist with the development of a business plan. We also will support program implementation with the installation of STAR’s unique ride booking application, STARrides. STAR will supply support over the long-term, too, to keep your Ride Program running smoothly.

STAR provides the following core services:
• Needs assessment
• Feasibility analysis
• A transportation service plan
• Assistance with completion of a business plan
• On-site software set-up
• Software support and ongoing program advice.

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Is your agency interested in establishing a regional Ride Program for seniors? STAR can tailor its transportation products and services to your situation, and provide them on a task or per hour basis. We recommend that you contact us.