Developing A Transportation Program

A successful Ride Program takes time and effort to set up. It may seem like too much time and effort, when an agency’s budget is tight, its clientele is growing, and staff already feel stretched.

STAR is here to help minimize those issues. STAR has expertise in setting up successful social enterprises, organizing client data, and creating effective volunteer databases. Not sure your agency has the capacity for any of these things? STAR’s support can help close that gap, too.

We understand that your agency may

• feel the need to transport people to its activities and events
• be under pressure from clients and members to provide a Ride Program
• wonder if its staff has the time and skills to manage such a program
• face funding challenges

STAR was created to help solve these issues. We know how a good plan, great tools, and unique software can make a Ride Program a worthy investment. Call or email us today.

Here’s how you can “Step Up” to a great Ride Program, and where STAR can be of assistance.

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