STARrides is a web-based application for scheduling rides and for ride record-keeping. It includes client relations modules and comprehensive reporting tools.


STARrides reduces to a few simple steps what would otherwise be tedious tasks.


Here are just some of the things you can do with STARrides:


• Match clients with their favorite drivers
• Record frequently visited destinations to ease future ride requests
• Map members and provide directions
• Keep account details up to date
• Overlap community boundaries for potential partnerships with neighbouring cities or towns
• Access “at a glance” information
• Track donations
• Record trip details and client feedback
• Print detailed reports


STARrides will save your agency valuable time so it can operate a Ride Program that is efficient, seamless and cost-effective, AND it can also be customized to schedule and track other services such as housekeeping, yard work, home maintenance, and more.


For more detailed information on STARrides click here.