The whole purpose of STAR is to ensure as many seniors as possible can access safe, convenient and predictable rides so they can get where they need to go when they need to get there.  We know that transportation is one of the key factors to helping seniors *age in place*.

STAR is:

Easy to use – Because riders deposit funds in advance, once they have paid all they have to do is book their rides.

Easy to pay – Since there are more different ways to pay, more seniors can access the services they need.

Easy to understand – Because monthly reports and information are sent to seniors, their families and the agency providing the rides, how STAR works and where your money goes is easy to understand.

Secure – Seniors don’t have to carry cash or worry about paying for rides – it’s taken care of in advance.

Affordable – A key objective of STAR is to use its size and reach to develop funding that will lower the per ride cost.