Business Planning Tools

STAR has developed a number of tools to help agencies develop and deliver the services that seniors need. Please contact 604-669-2860 for more information.

Business Planning Tool

We’ve developed a Business Plan Tool that that is tailored specifically for seniors transportation programs.  It makes it easy for organizations to accurately plan new transportation services that will coordinate with STAR and make use of its resources.

(STAR Business Plan Template)

Business Plan Guidebook

Because many agencies don’t have the experience or the time to develop a detailed Business Plan, we’ve created a Guidebook to help.  The Business Plan Guidebook is an instruction booklet that provides examples and explanations on how to complete each section. It covers everything you will need to know from the language to use, research needed, marketing ideas, and how to figure out capacity.

(STAR Business Plan Supplement)

Building Financial Statement Tool

The STAR package comes with complete Financial Templates that will help you build a proper Income Statement and Balance Sheet.  It will also help you determine your cash flows and breakeven points.  The workbook is designed to make calculations for you, so all you have to do is enter the value of your assets, your expected revenue, and all costs for each month.

(STAR Financial Templates)

Feasibility Tools

The Feasibility Tools are a set of documents intended to assist you in working out your demand and your true costs.  Because demand can be difficult to determine with any accuracy, these tools walk you through the thinking required for assessing your potential ridership as well as the operational constraints you can expect to encounter.

(STAR Feasibility Tools)

My Travel Estimator

The My Travel Estimator helps clients determine where they wish to go and how many rides they wish to take each week.  It calculates the actual cost, the fees that will be paid, and the distance travelled.  For those paying in advance, an average fee is calculated by month.

(Usage Estimate Calculator)