Information for Families of Seniors

There is a mountain of evidence demonstrating that seniors who stay physically active AND have liberal access to transportation services:


STAR is a social enterprise whose activities are charitable and has been developed to meet the needs of seniors with three very clear objectives:

STAR began in 2011 and is an initiative of BEST.  STAR has a team of people with a long history of success in non-profits, business and transportation, and whose parents have all lived to be seniors.

The Work of STAR

STAR is a community development initiative and a resource hub providing multiple services all designed to help keep seniors active and age in place.

1.  STAR provides information for seniors and their families about active and healthy living.  This includes health and fitness information as well access to programs and services.  (Remember:  The best way for seniors to stay healthy is to keep walking as often as possible whether it is near or far!)  Click here for more information about Healthy Living/ Healthy Aging.

2.  STAR is developing programs to help seniors transition from driving.  This includes knowing when to quit driving, helping a family member to quit driving, and how to access alternate means of transportation.  Click here for more information about transitioning from driving.

3.  STAR provides technical and financial support to agencies who provide transportation services to seniors including shuttle buses and volunteer driver programs.  The goal is for seniors to be able to access transportation that is available, accessible, predictable, convenient and affordable.  Click here for more information about STAR supported ride programs.

4.  STAR is a province-wide coordinating agency that is working to assist urban, rural and remote agencies in helping seniors to age in place.  We do this by working with governments, public and private agencies, and corporations throughout British Columbia to develop a broad and coordinated network of transportation focused services for seniors.  This includes developing financial support, subsidies and joint fundraising that will be directly applied to seniors transportation services.  Click here for more information about STAR partners.