Information for Agencies

How it works

STAR is a non-profit social enterprise that provides a full range of services that help those providing services to seniors help seniors age in place, stay active and get where they need to go.   STAR provides technical and financial tools that make it easier for agencies to help seniors to:


STAR services include:

Software – The STAR software is used for scheduling and tracking all rides, fees and costs, as well as managing funds received.

Billing – Agencies are billed a small fee per ride, all other fees collected are paid directly back to the agency in a single monthly remittance.

My Travel Accounts (MTA) – STAR My Travel Accounts provide a secure and simple way to manage cash, both for the agency and for the rider.

Reporting – STAR sends comprehensive monthly reports that provide all the information needed about MTA’s:


Fundraising – STAR brings financial support in the way of subsidies, sponsorships and joint fundraising.