Are you thinking about accessing resources for seniors ride programs?  We can help!  The folks at STAR are working hard to ease the financial and administrative burdens to agencies in these areas:

Administration – STAR offers automated booking, payment collection and record keeping.

Cash Flow Management – Agencies don’t have to handle user fees, but can receive a single monthly remittance from STAR. The remittance amounts to the sum of all payments for rides. STAR retains a small user fee. It can work the other way — agency collects fees, tracks using STAR software, and we’ll do the rest.

Funding – STAR will reduce the cost of rides by using its size and reach to access funding and sponsorships not otherwise available.

Reporting – STAR provides detailed monthly and annual reports to agencies providing rides, to families and to the riders themselves.

Transparency – Agencies still deal directly with their own seniors and have total control of operations.

Business Planning Tools – Agencies are able to access STAR business resources including business plan templates and feasibility tools