Seniors and Their Families

What you need to know about Seniors’ Transportation

STAR wants seniors to be able to get where they need to go, when they need to get there. That means seniors require ready access to affordable, accessible and convenient rides. We know that transportation is a key factor if seniors are to age in place. People often have to take time away from their jobs and other responsibilities to drive senior family members to the doctor, store, library, and other places.

If you are on this page, you already understand how important transportation is to a senior’s quality of life. Help yourself to the resource library that we have gathered to date. You’ll find items about lifestyle issues, policy, advocacy and current research regarding seniors’ transportation.

Have you come across other resources? Please share them with us. Together we can continue to grow this library.


Transitioning from Driving

This collection concerns the psychological, physical and social effects of driver cessation. These items may help you understand this shift better, and find out which tools can help someone through it.
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Healthy Aging and Active Mobility

Staying physically active throughout life is one of the keys to remaining healthy. STAR has compiled resources that explain how to stay active by daily walking, biking, exercise, and by using wheelchairs and scooters.
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Research of Interest to Seniors

British Columbia’s demographics are changing rapidly. This section links you to reports on this subject by the United Way of the Lower Mainland, Statistics Canada and many health authorities.
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Community Resources

Across the province diverse community service organizations offer an array of supports to seniors. When identifying the roles you might play in your community or neighbourhood, turn to this collection for information about existing Ride Programs, seniors service organizations, seniors programs, and seniors’ community involvement.
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Policy and Advocacy

Groups across British Columbia are aware how important an issue seniors’ transportation has become. They are working together to make sure that policy-makers get this message loud and clear. Go to this collection to find out about past and current policy initiatives that will make seniors’ transportation services more affordable, accessible and convenient.
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