Research About Seniors Transportation

Are you thinking about a Ride Program? You don’t have to work from scratch. There is a lot of research already available about seniors’ transportation and about programs for seniors’ fitness and physical activity. More gets published every year.

Here is some of the best research now available in BC/Canada and internationally:



Most common form of transportation
. Statistics Canada compiled this table about the most common forms of transportation used by Canadian seniors. The information is broken down by sex, marital status, number of chronic conditions, and health perception. Canadian Community Health Survey – Healthy Aging, Statistics Canada, 2009.

TransLink Custom Transit Service Delivery Review Stakeholder Advisory Committee Summary Report (2017)

Moving In the Right Direction: HandyDART Survey Results (Office of the Seniors Advocate of British Columbia, 2017)

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Increasing mobility options for transportation-disadvantaged seniors. Bev Pitman, United Way of the Lower Mainland, 2012. (Prepared for STAR Training Event, October 2012)

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Much of the research of the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute is about seniors. One recent project concerns how the built environment affects the mobility of seniors. Another explores how music therapy can benefit people with moderate levels of Alzheimer’s disease.

This Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society report is for anyone who is interested in making communities better for their seniors.


The United Way of the Lower Mainland (UWLM) has produced many helpful reports about seniors in the region:

United Way senior vulnerability report – Nov 2011. Discussion paper #5: Economic security.

Seniors Vulnerability Report. UWLM, 2011.

Towards an age friendly community in the Lower Mainland / Sea to Sky Corridor. UWLM, 2009.

Lower Mainland / Sea to Sky Seniors and Seniors Services. Moving Towards Age-Friendly Communities, UWLM, 2008.

Langley / Seniors and Seniors’ Services. Moving Towards Age-Friendly Communities, UWLM, 2008.



All Ages Access: Making Transit Work for Everyone in America’s Rapidly Aging Cities (Transit Center, 2016)

Fact Sheet: How the Travel Patterns of Older Adults are Changing. This report by the American Association of Retired People states that the total number of miles traveled by seniors is increasing. While trips in private vehicles remains the preferred mode of transportation, private vehicle use overall is declining. AARP, 2011.
Aging Americans: Stranded Without Options. This study shows that over half of all seniors who don’t drive will stay at home on a given day, many because of limited transportation options. Surface Transportation Policy Partnership, 2004.

Ride Or Relocate? Transportation and Housing Options for Senior Adults. National Center on Senior Transportation, August 3, 2011. (Webinar)

Public Transportation Programs for Seniors: 2007 Final Report. Beverly Foundation / American Public Transportation Association, December 2007.