Regulatory Information

In order to offer rides to clients, no matter what type of ride program is being considered, every agency must consider the regulatory barriers before the program’s launch.

Regulations will have an influence on what the program actually looks like, such as collecting fares on board shuttle buses, or charging set rates for volunteer rides. There are regulations in place to control certain aspects of a ride program and it is important to understand the limitations associated with them.

STAR has done its own research to answer some of these questions and the documents below are available for to help you navigate these types of regulations. Take a look.

Feasibility and Insurance Options_RidePrograms
Passenger Transportation Regulation_Act

If you are an agency with a vehicle that could be shared with other agencies, or an agency seeking a shared vehicle, check out these guides for some useful information (also found on the Vehicle Inventory page).

Vehicle Rental Info
Bus Rental Recommended Clauses

It is important to consider that regulations change and we work hard to stay up to date. However, it is always a good idea to contact your insurance broker before launching a ride program.

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