Vehicle Inventory

Throughout the summer of 2013 STAR Team Member Andrea Sara contacted agencies across Metro Vancouver in hopes of completing a comprehensive vehicle inventory. The purpose of the inventory was to motivate agencies to form relationships and share resources within their communities in order to make transportation programs much more feasible, and make better use of vehicles that are currently being underutilized. The accessibility of vehicles was also included in the inventory.

STAR invites you to take a lookand find other groups in your area that may be able to propel your programs in the right direction by providing a vehicle when you need one. We hope the inventory gives evidence to the many vehicles available to community agencies that can fill some of the gaps in accessible transportation across our region. Sharing vehicles between agencies can be compliant with ICBC as long as the correct steps are followed. STAR has the information you need to do so.

STAR would like to thank each and every agency that took part in the inventory, with special thanks to the United Way of the Lower Mainland  for supporting this project.

If you would like to provide input, or know of vehicles to add to the inventory please contact us at

The report is available below. If you have any questions about the inventory or would like to learn more about sharing agency vehicles please contact us.

STAR_Vehicle Inventory_LowerMainland

In addition to the vehicle inventory the STAR Team has created two documents to help assist agencies share their vehicles.

STAR advises all agencies to contact ICBC with any related insurance inquiries and seek legal counsel when drafting rental contracts. The documents below are intended to provide guidance.

Step-By-Step Insurance

Rental Contract – Recommended Clauses

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