What Is STAR?

Specialists In Sustainable Transportation


What We Do:

We are specialists in sustainable transportation, supporting the diverse needs of BC communities. We assist community organizations in the development of transportation solutions for their clients. We provide the tools, systems, knowledge, leadership, and resource network necessary for effective transportation services.


We work where traditional transit models are not in place, or do not meet people’s needs for getting around. While STAR originally focused on support for seniors-serving agencies, we have come to recognize and respond to the needs of many other types of client. First and foremost, STAR supports organizations with the design and development of financially sustainable Ride Programs for their clients and members.


We do this through a process of needs assessment and feasibility study that results in a transportation service plan tailored to each community and agency. In support of the selected service model, we offer terrific software to manage rides bookings, client and driver information, and much more. We also provide resources for volunteer recruitment, training and management, and research and analysis of community-based transportation systems.


We participate in and help coordinate conversations on policy and advocacy with all STAR clients.


We believe that STAR’s unique intersection of knowledge and expertise in alternative transportation solutions, social enterprise and community development will help communities lead the way in developing transportation models grounded in their well-being, health, sustainability and inclusivity.


Why We Do It:

The purpose of our parent organization, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST), is to create vibrant, healthy communities built around walking, cycling, public transit and ride/car share programs. Essential to these communities is the blending of generations that can only occur when seniors have transportation options that enable them age in place.


Our Commitment:

We are committed to helping organizations find the right service mix for each
community and clients. We are here to support in the design of transportation
solutions that are affordable, accessible, respectful and sustainable.


No Two Communities Are Alike.

STAR was created to address the needs of the growing numbers of people who can no longer use local transit, or who have no viable transit options.


Every community and agency with which we work is aware of gaps in transportation services. Equally, there is general recognition that new types of solution are required. Public services are already at overflow capacity. Most private services are too expensive. Healthy living programs for seniors can’t do much good if the seniors can’t get to the rec centre for exercise class, or to the grocery store to buy food. STAR helps address transportation issues directly, in a way that strengthens organizations who provide transportation solutions.