Our Story – Creating Vibrant, Healthy Communities

STAR helps seniors age in place and lead healthy, fulfilling lives in communities built around walking, cycling, public transit and ride/car share programs.

Our purpose is to create vibrant, healthy communities built around walking, cycling, public transit and ride/car share programs. A key component of healthy communities is assisting seniors to age in place.

North America is in the midst of a demographic shift. We have an aging population at risk of being left behind, isolated and disconnected from their communities. For the better part of the 20th century, we built communities around cars. Now the first car-centric generation is growing too old to drive. These elders find themselves trapped in their own homes.

This is a transportation problem with very wide implications. Once family, groceries and medical care become less accessible, a person’s health rapidly declines. We need new systems to allow seniors to age in the places they call home. Aging in place keeps communities more diverse and vibrant. It also lowers overall health care costs to society. STAR (Seniors Transportation Access & Resources) was created to support local transportation solutions before a serious problem becomes acute.

We at STAR maintain that intelligent, low-carbon and integrated community transportation solutions can be developed to enable seniors to age in place and remain a happy, healthy part of our communities.

In 2011, the United Way of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia provided pilot project funding for STAR to test the viability of alternative transportation for seniors.

STAR’s mission is to help seniors remain healthy, contributing community members in the places they call home, and support the efforts of families and seniors-serving agencies to make this possible.

In 2012, following the success of the pilot project, support from the Vancouver Foundation enabled us to launch transportation service planning with several seniors-serving agencies in British Columbia. As we work with these agencies, our services continue to evolve. We perform needs assessments and execute feasibility studies. We build business plans and provide access to knowledge and support materials. We have also developed a network hub so that agencies can connect, discuss challenges and solutions, and collaborate in the development of better transportation systems for seniors.

Read the evaluation report here
We at STAR are proud to be specialists in the development of transportation that supports the diverse needs of Canadian communities. We offer a unique intersection of three types of knowledge and expertise: alternative transportation solutions, social enterprise and community development.

STAR will help communities lead the way in developing transportation models grounded in community well-being, health, sustainability and inclusivity.

STAR is a social enterprise whose activities are charitable. STAR engages in economic activities that empower seniors, their families, and their community agencies.