Other Resources

Insurance toolkit for agencies with volunteer ride programs

As part of Seniors on the Move, with ICBC, we have been working on a toolkit with frequently asked questions for agencies thinking of starting a volunteer ride program, or currently operate one, and want to minimize their liability, and that of their volunteers and clients. This toolkit will be hosted on the ICBC website (with a link here) in a non-printable pdf format to ensure it does not become outdated.

Volunteer Ride Programs Best Practices Toolkit

As part of Seniors on the Move, we have put together a volunteer ride program strategy using collective input and other resources available online.

How to use Modo (carsharing) for your organization’s needs

A common issue we hear with volunteer ride programs is the recruitment of volunteer drivers, as many are aging out and volunteerism changes. One of the biggest barriers is volunteers reluctant to use their own cars, or don’t own cars. That’s why Seniors on the Move has been partnering with Modo, the car co-op, to access their cars. Volunteers can be added to a Modo organizational (business) account and book a car for the time they need to give the client a ride. To help your agency get started with Modo, we have worked with Modo to put together a helpful short guide. For more on how car-sharing works for individuals, click here.

Software for your volunteer ride program

As volunteer ride programs expand, it can be worth considering a technological solution. STAR no longer offers ride software, but a report from 2014 explores other options available, looking at the pros and cons of each. <Include link to report here>